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Stories Worth Telling

Transgender teacher kills herself

A trangender teacher at Milwaukee Public Schools commits suicide after being bullied by co-workers. An open records request reveals she asked her principal for help.

Scared at school

Investigation found bullying incidents at Milwaukee Public Schools treated the same as truancy. Emmy winner 2014.

Underride guards killing drivers

The bars on the back of semi-trucks aren't strong enough. Federal investigation launched after story aired, eventually resulting in more stringent safety guidelines. Emmy nominated 2013.

Teen suicide epidemic in Wisconsin

The numbers of kids killing themselves in Wisconsin has risen dramatically. Racine has been hit hardest, losing three students in a single year -- many battling sexual and gender identity issues.

University of Phoenix admits to misleading students


Students trying to become social workers were lied to by admissions counselors -- and we had the emails to prove it. This story resulted in huge financial settlements for students. Wisconsin Department of Justice launched an investigation after the story aired. Emmy winner 2015.

For-profit tech schools 

A for-profit technology school closes its doors, and then tries to open a new for-profit school despite concerns about how it used taxpayer money.

For the love of money

In-depth crime report on the increase in bank robberies in Wisconsin and the couples who work together to pull off the heists. Crime Emmy winner 2014.

Mass shooter protocol questioned

Emergency operators gave conflicting directives to mass shooting victims trapped inside a Brookfield salon. Our reporting led to a change in 911 protocols across Southeast Wisconsin. Emmy nominated 2013.

Deadbeat Dad Series

By reviewing search warrants, we found multiple cases where prosecutors were using Facebook as evidence in deadbeat dad prosecutions. These stories went viral, and made national news. Emmy nominated 2015.

Injustice on campus

Investigation found UWM fraternity in trouble for drugging female students had history of date rape incidents. Reporting discovered errors in hospital procedure when treating female students -- they weren't testing for date rape drugs. Emmy nominated 2015.

Food stamp Facebook

We obtained undercover video showing people selling their benefits for cigarettes and cash, and selling their food stamps online. Emmy nominated 2015.

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